Arthur Brother’s World Connections!

Arthur Brother’s World Connections!

Arthur Brother's WORLD CONNECTION head office is based in Armenia you can also find our offices in Dubai, Kuwait, Kenya, Russia and Sri Lanka.  Arthur Brothers Holding was started in 1991 as a small trading business with three Armenian brothers.  It was Arthur the oldest of the brothers idea to create the company and till this day he continues as the president and chairman of Arthur Brothers World Connections.

Under Arthurs' strong leadership, Arthur Brothers World Connections has been able to grow rapidly and successfully as a company to where it now, has a impressive portfolio of over eighty-two MULTINATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL business interests across the Middle East, Africa, Far East, Europe and many of  the CIS countries.

Currently our business interests involve  us in Entertainment, Property Development, Real Estate, Security, Labour Supplier, Main Power Supplier, Casino, General  Trading, Hotel Industry, Car Trading, Aluminium Factory, precious stone cutting, and many more.

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Our Philosophy

Philosophy is to provide our clients quantifiable and scientific solutions backed up by an attitude of care to their infrastructure and the people inside

Service and Facilities Management & Consultancy

Service and Facilities Management specializes in providing property and facility management solutions for residential, commercial and industrial properties in any country. We offer personalized solutions for unique requirements of our clients.

We have a clear understanding of the global marketplace and practices and strive to bring the same to our clients. Our mission is to translate this experience into a tangible difference for our clients using our knowledge, resources and passion we help clients navigate the competitive market successfully.

Facilities Management has a highly talented group of property managers and support staff, blending an institutional perspective with a “hands on'', entrepreneurial approach to assist its clients in taking advantage of the opportunities and responding to challenges.

Facilities management is the process of managing all the multiple services that enable a facility to become a profitable investment for its owners and a productive environment for its users. Therefore our professionals are systems savvy people, who are relationship managers backed up by technical knowledge

It allows our clients to concentrate on their core business and we take care of facilities management.